David is an accomplished photographic artist. He captures the world in a unique and often raw way that evokes memories and emotions that bring each image to life. He uses both film and digital cameras as the tools of his craft and has work displayed in various galleries in the United States and as far away as Europe.  Each piece of David's work has a meaning, a story and a connection to the world around him and the journey of his life.

David makes his home on the beautiful gulf coast of Florida with his wife Melissa and the family fur-kids. He explores his craft in many places around the country and captures life, people and places not only to document the world but also to share the diverse beauty of our land and the people and animals who call it home. 

David studied photography through the New York Institute of Photography and apprenticed with a well respected lifelong master photographer. He is also available to speak to groups about his journey, his craft and his unique perspective of a life filled with adventure, humor and wisdom.